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From nmittal <>
Subject Re: CMS: Installed 3.0.1 but my existing code
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2009 15:37:05 GMT

Hi Tim, as suggested, I added the lines but when I do a make I get the
following errors... (the same code built fine with 2.2.5

$ make
make: Warning: File `../Libraries/ActiveMQ/activemq.cpp' has modification
time 7 s in the future
g++ -g -ggdb -I. -I/usr/local/include/activemq-cpp-3.0.1
-I/usr/local/apr/include/apr-1 -I/usr/local/include/boost -c -o
../Libraries/ActiveMQ/activemq.o ../Libraries/ActiveMQ/activemq.cpp
../Libraries/ActiveMQ/activemq.cpp: In member function ‘void
../Libraries/ActiveMQ/activemq.cpp:6: error: ‘auto_ptr’ was not declared
in this scope
../Libraries/ActiveMQ/activemq.cpp:6: error: expected primary-expression
before ‘>’ token
../Libraries/ActiveMQ/activemq.cpp:7: error: ‘connectionFactory’ was not
declared in this scope
../Libraries/ActiveMQ/activemq.cpp: In constructor
../Libraries/ActiveMQ/activemq.cpp:706: error: ‘activemq::library’ has
not been declared
../Libraries/ActiveMQ/activemq.cpp: In member function ‘void
../Libraries/ActiveMQ/activemq.cpp:773: error: ‘activemq::library’ has
not been declared
make: *** [../Libraries/ActiveMQ/activemq.o] Error 1

my header file has the following...

#include <activemq/util/Config.h>
#include <cms/Connection.h>
#include <cms/Session.h>
#include <cms/TextMessage.h>
#include <cms/BytesMessage.h>
#include <cms/MapMessage.h>
#include <cms/ExceptionListener.h>
#include <cms/MessageListener.h>
#include <string>

using namespace activemq;
using namespace activemq::core;
using namespace decaf;
using namespace decaf::lang;
using namespace decaf::util;
using namespace decaf::util::concurrent;
using namespace cms;
using namespace std;

thanks for your help.


Timothy Bish wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-10-01 at 18:43 -0700, nmittal wrote:
>> fails to run. The code has been running on ActiveMQ CPP 2.2.5. I
>> recompiled
>> the code with 3.0.1 but get the following error...
>> No Matching Factory Registered for format := tcp
>>         FILE: activemq/transport/TransportRegistry.cpp, LINE: 50
>>         FILE: activemq/core/ActiveMQConnectionFactory.cpp, LINE: 154
>> thanks for your help.
> You need to call the initialize method for the AMQCPP library:
>     activemq::library::ActiveMQCPP::initializeLibrary();
> On shutdown you need to call the shutdown method as well to ensure all
> the open resources are freed.
>     activemq::library::ActiveMQCPP::shutdownLibrary();
> Take a look at the examples in the 3.0.1 source distribution.
> Regards
> Tim.
> -- 
> Tim Bish

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