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From andrewdc <>
Subject Re: Help: Error Creating CMS Connection in VC++ 2005 Release Build Only
Date Thu, 22 Oct 2009 21:04:59 GMT

Hi, Tim.

I have just tried running vs2005-activemq-example in a release build (I was
able to run that example in debug build with success), and I am getting "Bad
Ptr" right away, the debugger was pointing at Ln 53 of xmemory, the code at
that line:

::new (_Vptr) _T1(_Val);

My code was built on top of vs2005-activemq-example, do you think there
might be an issue in vs2005-activemq-example?

andrewdc wrote:
> I am newbie on acticemq CMS API. I have compiled ActiveMQ CMS v3.0.1
> source in Visual C++ 2005 Express. I am following the CMS examples
> developing queue producers and consumers. Everything was working fine in
> VC++ debug build however it stopped working in the release build. When I
> debug into the release build, debugger was pointing at Ln 64 of
> activemqconnectionfactory.cpp with code:
> this->username = username;
> where username was shown to have a "Bad Ptr".
> In my code, I am creating a ConnectionFactory using: 
> auto_ptr<ConnectionFactory> connectionFactory(
> 				ConnectionFactory::createCMSConnectionFactory( brokerURI ) );
> I am also using the thread library in decaf. 
> Does anyone know what might be wrong and what I can do to fix the issues?
> Any suggestions are appreciated.

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