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From Joe Fernandez <>
Subject Re: Performance of persistent messages
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2009 20:36:48 GMT

FWIW, I have gotten throughput rates of ~3000 msg/s under the following

Used persistent messages, default msg store, message size = 1k, queues, and
producer had jms.useAsyncSend=true
Broker ran on an openSUSE 11.0 laptop (2GB memory, Intel Core 2 Duo T5550,
1.83 GHz, JDK 1.6)  and didn't compete with much of anything else on that
machine.  Broker cpu utilization was ~30%.

Producer and consumer ran on their own Windoze XP machines as follows: 

producer: 	Windows XP Pro SP2, 2GB memory, Pentium 4, 3.0GHz, JDK 1.5
consumer: 	Windows XP Pro SP2, 2GB memory, Intel Core 2 Duo T7500, 2.0 GHz,
JDK 1.5 


Patrik Nordwall wrote:
> Hi, I'm trying to find a message broker that has the performance for
> persistent messages that we need. 
> We have defined the following scenario:
> - 6 producers (standalone java applications) that send persistent
> messages. Each producer send 20 msg/s. The messages have xml payload, 3
> kB. No transactions in producer.
> - 1 message driven bean (running in jboss, it is 15 instances in the mdb
> pool) receive the messages and send new messages (same type of payload) to
> 6 queues, which are consumed by 6 different message driven beans.
> We are only using queues. 
> With this load, the average time to send a message in the producer should
> be less than 10 ms.
> I'm running broker and jboss on a fast linux server. Producers are running
> on separate machine.
> I have tried this with 5.3.0 RC4 (which I think will be final today). It
> can't handle the load at all. Throttling. Latency in producers about
> 100ms. I have tried settings for the persistence adapter kahaDB but
> without success. 
> Can ActiveMQ handle this load with low latency? What configuration should
> be used? We can't afford to lose any messages.
> I also tried the kahaPersistenceAdapter and it is amazingly fast. It
> handles the load without any problems and the average latency in producers
> to send a message is 2.5 ms. Is it persisting messages? Is it reliable?
> Regards, 
> Patrik

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