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From Joe Fernandez <>
Subject Re: Please help me get rendezvous working!!!
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2009 18:02:16 GMT

Here are some snippets taken from the
ActiveMQ Reference Guide . You'd use a 'ssl' connector instead of 'tcp'. 
Hope this helps 

To configure a broker and client to discover each other using the rendezvous
connector, specify the rendezvous connector URI for the discoveryURI
attribute of the broker’s transport connector, as shown in this broker
configuration file example.


For the corresponding client configuration, enclose the rendezvous connector
URI in a discovery URI, and specify the groupname that was used for the
broker’s discoveryURI attribute. This example is from a client’s file. 

java.naming.factory.initial =

# use the following property to specify the JNDI names for the connection
connectionFactoryNames = local, rdisc

# These are the URLs or URIs to use for the abovementioned connection
# factories
connection.local.brokerURL = tcp://linux02:61616
connection.rdisc.brokerURL = discovery:(rendezvous://group1)

Use caution if your consumer is registering a durable subscription and is
also being given a randomized list of brokers to connect with (e.g., via the
discovery URI). After starting and stopping multiple times, the consumer may
register the same durable subscription with all the brokers on the list. A
broker that receives a message from a publisher for that particular durable
subscription will forward a copy of the message on to other brokers that
also have that durable subscription. In effect, this causes the messages to
be needlessly copied to all the brokers in the network with that durable
It is recommended that you always use the maxReconnectAttempts transport
option with the discovery connector. If you do not specify this option and
there are no brokers available on the network, then the Connection.start()
method will hang your client until a broker does become available.

The ActiveMQ distribution includes the jmDNS package in the
$ACTIVEMQ_HOME/lib/optional/jmdns-<version>.jar file. When running a client,
the CLASSPATH must include this file.


yesnid wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am trying to get my system working, I need to use rendezvous, to
> discover brokers in my system but I want to encrypt the channel with SSL,
> does anyone know how I can configure this to work? HELP PLEASE!!!

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