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From AMQBeginner <>
Subject Active MQ vs WebSphere MQ
Date Thu, 08 Oct 2009 11:36:09 GMT


i think it would be great to compare Active MQ with other commercial- and
noncommercial solutions. Because i have experience in WebSphere MQ i want to
post main features. Feel free to oppose Active MQ Features.

WebSphere MQ uses 3 Administering Objects - Queue Manager, Queue, Channel.

Queue Manager enable you to configure connections between queues on
distributed platforms. Every Queue is a Queue Manager assigned. Variable at
will queues can have the same Queue Manager.

Queues hold Messages (could be configured persistent). Via a connection to
the Queue Manager you could put and get messages out of the Queue. 

Channels are the Connections between Queue Managers - and can be
Clusterchannels (Clustering of Queues), Sender- Receiver Channels
(Point-to-Point connection between Queues) or Clientchannels (Java, C#,
.NET, COBOL, ...).

Main Features:
--> GUI for creating Topics, Queues, Queue Manager, Channels / Browsing
Messages / GET and PUT messages
--> Sample codes for clients in diverse programming languages
--> possibility to create Topics, Queues, Channels, Queue Manager via
reusable scripts
--> Messages in Queues could be stored in a database via a two-phase commit
--> transport of a group of messages could be handled as "transaction" -
commit, backout
--> Backout Queue to avoid that a corrupt message blocks the channel for a
long time
--> Easy to configure Clusters 
--> Enabling SSL, user authentification
--> Messages could persistent be stored in a Queue
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