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From Joe Fernandez <>
Subject Re: Latency causing throughput problems in ActiveMQ 5.2
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2009 17:47:52 GMT

Are you setting the delivery mode on the publisher to be non-persistent?  


nkleinsch wrote:
> Adding some of the things I've tried in case they'd be of help to other
> people in the future.
> - Disabled producer flow control
> ( - Did nothing for
> client throughput
> - Switched pendingSubscriberPolicy to a VM cursor
> ( - Did nothing for client
> throughput
> - Tried changing the prefetch limit
> ( - Did
> nothing for client throughput. Given that the default was the max value
> for nonpersistent topics, I didn't think this would do anything, but tried
> it just in case.
> - Set Async Sends on the producer
> ( - Did nothing for client
> throughput. This was also the default, but checked it to make sure.
> Is there anything else I haven't tried here that could help improve
> performance? I've read through all the FAQs and performance documents and
> am running out of ideas.
> - Nick
> nkleinsch wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm having throughput issues on ActiveMQ 5.2 and was hoping for some tips
>> to improve performance. We're sending out messages on a topic at an
>> average rate of around 150/sec. The messages are object messages that
>> vary in size, but range up to 5 kilobytes. We're using a network of
>> brokers between two sites, with all the producers in one site and the
>> consumers in the other. We're seeing memory fill up on the producing site
>> broker and the "messages received" falling behind "messages sent",
>> implying that we're not able to send them over to the receiving side
>> broker quickly enough. These messages don't need guaranteed delivery, so
>> we're not using transactions or durable subscriptions.
>> I set up a test between the two sites using the ActiveMQ Performance
>> Module. I'm using a stock ActiveMQ 5.2 and the ActiveMQ Performance
>> Module from the latest SVN. I'm running ActiveMQ on a server in site 1.
>> If I run the producer and consumer on another server in site 1, I get a
>> system average throughput of 5184. If I run the same test, except with
>> the client on a similarly configured server in site 2, I get a throughput
>> of 112.
>> The transfer rate between the two servers is upwards of 3 MB/s, so I
>> assume it isn't a bandwidth limitation. The latency between the two sites
>> (measured using ping) is 90ms. Why would latency have such a large effect
>> on my message throughput rate? Are there any settings I could change that
>> would help my performance?
>> Thanks,
>> Nick Kleinschmidt

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