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From Drizzt321 <>
Subject Re: Prefetch=0 not allowed with Spring MDP?
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2009 18:56:24 GMT

5.3 seems like it is going to be a good release, but then we're not using a
cluster at this time so I don't know about any of those pains. I agree
though, the documentation in general seems to be fairly hit or miss, and
even when it is there it isn't always very informative. 

The hang on shutdown for me is a pretty big pain in the butt, but for the
moment we can deal. Since that is really all we're using Spring for, in the
next couple of months I'm probably going to put together our own
programmatic library for some similar functionality, although probably a bit
more specific to our needs. Static number of consumers/threads which can be
added/removed as needed, but otherwise doesn't auto-scale the way DMLC can
be configured. The fun (aka painful) part is going to be the
auto-reconnection code, and then putting together a producer interface
somewhat similar to the JmsTemplate from Spring. 

Know of anything more like that that is meant to be used programmatically
instead of configured via XML and what not?

xbryan wrote:
> I'm glad to hear that you are using prefetch=0 successfully with Spring's
> MDPs. I suppose the docs need to be updated so people don't get scared off
> by this unless, in fact, there is some negative consequence to this setup
> that I am unaware of. I also experience the hang on shutdown, but I can
> deal with that for now. I am hoping for a fix with 5.3, but am a bit
> nervous upgrading given the struggles I have had with setup in a cluster.
> While ActiveMQ might be a good technology, the documentation is very poor.
> There are docs from version 4.x mixed in with 5.x, on top of just plain
> missing information. I am thinking of moving to OpenMQ when they release
> embedded broker support next release.

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