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From jscali <>
Subject ActiveMQ 5.2 persistance does not work
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 20:57:08 GMT

   I'm currently implementing a MOM solution with ActiveMQ 5.2 in our
application. We have sucessfully run a cluster of ActiveMQ servers with
subscribers/publishers to Topics and consumers/producers to Queues.

Recently we switched on persistance, and durable Topic subscribers and found
that the both persistance mechanisims fail to consistently work.

The following is a summary of what we have observed
1. Using the AMQPersistenceAdapter, running a durable subscriber of one host
machine and a producer on another host machine we do get messages published
to Topics deliverd correctly. However after publisning approximately 40000
messages, on closing done the host running the durable Topic subscriber, the
Broker on the host running the publisher throws the an IO exception and then
shuts down. e.g. IOException : Could not locate datafile data-topic-data-N.
This is consistantly reproducible.
2. Using the KahaPersistenceAdapter the issue above is not observed, however
a consumer on one host machine appears to get more messages in a queue than
was originally produced?

It appears that ActiveMQ 5.2 durable subscribers, and persistance layer is

Has anyone else experienced the same? 
Has anyone sucessfully deployed a cluster solution where members that leave
the cluster are able to rejoin without issues and allow the durable
suscribers to retrieved missed messages. I've only seen this work in some
cases however in general ActiveMQ for persitance and durable message
delivery appears to not work consistenty.

Am I doing something wrong?
Can anyone point me to a working Java example?

Need help 

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