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From Fredrik Jonson <>
Subject Re: Is ActiveMQQueue really a strict FIFO queue?
Date Sun, 27 Sep 2009 09:31:51 GMT
Bruce Snyder wrote:
> itamara wrote:
> > The ActiveMQQueue does not seem to act as a queue - in the "first in, 
> > first out" sense.
>  It sounds like you might want to configure total ordering.

Itamara mentions only queues and not topics. Does activemq really enforce a
strict order of message consumption on queues too?

According to that document it sounds like multiple queue consumers may
behave in as a strict FIFO queue when the prefetch limit is set to 1? Which
by the sound of it would also makes the consumption serial, and perhaps not
much faster than only having a single consumer anyway?

Itamara, do observe the difference between queues and topics and that it
normally is the broker configuration that controls the behaviour of the
physical queue, not the ActivemMQQueue java class.

Fredrik Jonson

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