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From Rob Davies <>
Subject Re: How to tell if everything in a queue has been processed
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2009 15:58:52 GMT
There's a new plugin in trunk for the broker that you can send a  
message to to ask statistics on a Destination (Topic or Queue) - and  
it will send back a MapMessage with the stats in. If you can't wait a  
while for the 5.3 release - which should be soon - it you can use that.
On 10 Sep 2009, at 16:39, amp834 wrote:

>> messages are sent to another queue to indicate that a job/message  
>> has been
> processed. By sending a
> message to a different queue upon completion of such processing, the  
> client
> can poll for messages on that queue and know immediately when the  
> processing
> is complete.
> Thanks for the suggestions, Bruce.  I thought of doing something  
> like that,
> having a "job monitor" receive messages from a "completed" queue and  
> update
> the # of tasks that were finished.  That would add more complexity:   
> every
> time a task has been added to the queue, I would have to update the  
> job
> monitor's database to tell it about the new task (I could, whenever I
> "write" a task item to a queue, write messages to two queues, one to  
> be
> consumed by the processing machines, and one for the job monitor).   
> The job
> monitor would have to make sure its counters are stored safely, in  
> case of a
> crash.
> A simple "is the queue empty" would eliminate all of this extra  
> traffic and
> overhead!
> With the "send messages when you finish an item" method, are you  
> thinking of
> something simple that I'm not catching on to?
> The net effect of what I'm trying to do is to...
> submit a "job" that consists of several subtasks, the subtasks can  
> also add
> more subtasks to that job's queue, and to know when there is no  
> subtask left
> (it can send a message to an admin queue).
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