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From magellings <>
Subject Re: Getting negative number of pending messages
Date Fri, 25 Sep 2009 15:14:15 GMT

Hey thanks for your reply-  :-)

Yes I provided a test case a few days ago.  I worked pretty hard getting
this test case for you guys.  I attached all the files to this thread after
Timothy Bish asked for it in this thread.  See a few replies earlier
starting with "I'm attaching a sample app, configurations, and logs in a zip
file..." as it explains the problem.  See the "Zip file uploaded..." reply
by me that contains a working console application using the official NMS
1.1. provider as well as all the code in the VS 2008 solution.  I also
uploaded the sql jdbc and c3po connection pooler jar files in this thread on
a later reply if one wants to use Sql Server to test.

Would think if JDBC Master/Slave in ActiveMQ 5.3 doesn't work with NMS than
that's a big deal for .NET community which is growing larger and larger
every day.  Would think that if JDBC Master/Slave is a general problem with
ActiveMQ 5.3 itself than that is an even bigger problem.  This is why I
asked if anyone had JDBC Master/Slave working with ActiveMQ 5.3.

Either way right now this is a huge priority for us to get a resolution on
as we are running into Async/unmatched acknowledgement errors on the broker
end when testing ActiveMQ 5.2 with a high volume of messages.  We are
looking to try ActiveMQ 5.3 as it looks to have resolved a lot of memory
related issues with prefetch/caching/duplicate messages and such.  

So hopefully someone can help us out.  Please let me know if I can help out
more.  This is a main priority for us right now and we are willing to help
out as much as possible.  :-) But can't do much more now until someone
confirms this is or isn't a problem using the console application I provided
to run the test.


rajdavies wrote:
> sorry to hear that Mark - do you have a test case ?
> On 24 Sep 2009, at 16:08, magellings wrote:
>> Hello.  I haven't gotten any feedback on this issue.  To me seems  
>> rather
>> important as JDBC Master/Slave is a common configuration and if it  
>> doesn't
>> work with the NMS provider we at least will be out of luck with  
>> using 5.3
>> when it is released.  This is of course if it is a problem with 5.3.
>> Could anyone at least reply if they have JDBC Master/Slave working  
>> with
>> version 5.3 of ActiveMQ?
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