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From Justin Rao <>
Subject Re: Stomp clients and message-id
Date Thu, 24 Sep 2009 01:02:28 GMT

Currently I have the same issue. I am using the STOMP Java client contained
in the ActiveMQ 5.3 package. I haven't figure out a solution. Does any one
know a work around to this problem?

One solution I could think about is that stomp client has to generate its
own unique correlation and put in the request message and to be contained as
a correlation id in the reply message. But it's not a very beautiful

Eric Sammer wrote:
> Hello:
> I'm working in a situation where I have Stomp clients (perl, using
> Net::Stomp) connecting to ActiveMQ (4.1.1, java 1.5.x on Linux). I need
> to use the standard request / response pattern with the reply-to,
> message-id, and correlation-id headers. The problem I find is that the
> message-id field isn't populated in the message object after send(). The
> JMS spec states the following:
> "When a message is sent, JMSMessageID is ignored. When the send method
> returns, the field contains a provider-assigned value."
> (Section 3.4.3, paragraph 2 of the JMS specification version 1.1 April
> 2002)
> The problem is that the Stomp protocol doesn't seem to support a
> response to the SEND message that would allow the API to return the
> provider assigned message-id[1]. There is a provision for the RECEIPT
> frame, but it seems to only return the receipt-id field, as specified by
> the client; a kind of echo response confirmation which isn't rich
> enough, in this case.
> This seems like an oversight in the Stomp protocol, more so than
> ActiveMQ. Am I reading this correctly? Should the message-id field of
> the sent message be populated after invocation of the send method (in
> whatever form it takes)? Should this be addressed with the AMQ team or
> with the Stomp protocol team?
> Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated.
> Thanks in advance!
> [1] - The Stomp Protocol -
> -- 
> Eric Sammer
> System Architect
> CheetahMail, an Experian Company
> +1.212.863.4642 -

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