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From magellings <>
Subject Broker/consumer and prefetch timeout?
Date Wed, 23 Sep 2009 13:37:15 GMT

Hello.  We have our consumers set to a prefetch of 1000 (default).  

I'd like to understand a bit more on how the broker handles situations where
a consumer prefetches messages but doesn't process them right away.  For
example, A message is prefetched but not actually processed by the consumer
until an hour later.  

My question is how long does the broker wait until it suspects the message
will not get processed and redelivers to another consumer?  We're using the
NMS provider and are seeing messages processed multiple times not flagged as
redelivered.  Is there a timeout setting or something I'm not aware of. 
I've tried to find such information but to no avail.

Also, if a consumer prefetches 1000 messages and one fails the master broker
to the current slave broker, how does the slave broker know to not send
those prefetched messages to another consumer?

I apologize for my lack of understanding.  Our team is testing ActiveMQ
pretty thoroughly and are a bit concerned about messages getting processed
by consumers multiple times.  We're just getting our hands around ActiveMQ
behavior in unique scenarios and I'm sure someone who reads this can answer
these questions pretty easily.

Thank you guys.  :-)

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