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From cyclid <>
Subject wrong broker address with multicast
Date Sun, 06 Sep 2009 15:27:00 GMT


my activemq broker is installed on server "JMSBROKER".

the connector settings are as following:
       <transportConnector name="zTransport" uri="tcp://localhost:61616"
      <networkConnector name="zJMSNetwork" uri="multicast://zNet"

i have 3 other machines at the same subnet, running the clients that should
connect to the broker on JMSBROKER. all clients are run totally in the same
way: 3 instances of the same application are running by tomcat containers
installed on all of the machines. the clients are using the following
discovery uri to find a broker:
now to the problem itself. 
while 2 machines are successfully connecting to the broker, the third one
just doesn't make it. 
QueueConnection.start() method never returns, there are no exceptions or
errors thrown.
when i run netstat command on each of the clients machines i see that those
connected show the following:
Proto  Local Address                       Foreign Address           State
TCP    client_machine's_ip:port         JMSBROKER_ip:61616    ESTABLISHED

but on the machine that makes troubles i see the following:
TCP    client_machine's_ip:port    SYN_SENT

i can't figure out where that (which sometimes turns into is coming from.
when tomcat is down, there is no connection to port 61616, so there is no
additional process working with the same port running on this machine. 
i guess that multicast broadcast mistakenly returns a wrong ip or something.

has anyone ever seen such behavior and have an idea where should i look for
a solution?

thank you!

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