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From Rob Davies <>
Subject Re: right way to send and receive messages in a BrokerPlugin
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2009 21:12:24 GMT

On 3 Aug 2009, at 20:24, <> <

 > wrote:

>> However
>> I'm having some trouble with the new VM broker it starts, so I was
>> hoping there might be a better way.
> For reference my problems were that the messages to my topic were not
> being distributed to the other brokers in the network. I've just  
> figured
> out that this is because I put my topic inside the ActiveMQ.Advisory
> space, and messages to that space seem to be kept local. Once I put my
> topic outside of that space the messages are distributed to the other
> brokers in the network.
> However I am still interested in knowing if there is a right way to do
> things as per my last email in this thread.
> Regards,
> Mats Henrikson

Hi Mats,

the way you described setting up the internal consumers/producers  
using JMS constructs and vm:// transport is the correct way to  
implement what you are trying to do



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