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From <>
Subject moving messages between queues using JMX - no SecurityContext
Date Thu, 27 Aug 2009 15:55:58 GMT

I am evaluating using JMX to do some management, including moving
messages between queues. I'm currently trying to do it using the
WebConsole, just to see how it works before spending time on

We are currently using the JaasAuthenticationPlugin, which adds a
SecurityContext to the ConnectionContext if the user successfully
authenticated. I then use the existence of the SecurityContext as a sign
that they are authenticated later on in a custom authorization plugin.

Unfortunately, when I use JMX it authenticates using the special JMX
usernames and passwords, and it doesn't go through the
JaasAuthenticationPlugin, so it doesn't get a SecurityContext.

When I use JMX to move a message between queues, it ends up calling
send() on my authorization plugin without having a SecurityContext, and
so the send is denied. I can't seem to find any other marker that I
could check to see if the call came from JMX.

Any ideas on how I could either add a SecurityContext to a JMX
connection, or how to detect in a BrokerPlugin that a call is actually
coming from JMX?

Mats Henrikson
Software Engineer
SunGard Kiodex

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