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From <>
Subject right way to send and receive messages in a BrokerPlugin
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2009 18:50:42 GMT

I'm writing a special broker plugin that makes it so that a client can
only have a single login (per username) to a network of brokers at any
one time. To do this I am making the plugin send a message to all the
other instances of the plugin on the network of brokers (using a topic)
and if they have the user logged in they kick them off.

To do this though I need the plugin to subscribe as a producer and
consumer on my special topic, and I'm having some trouble. Is there a
right way to do this?

I've seen how the AdvisoryBroker and BrokerSupport send messages, is
that the way to do it? I can't seem to find any code that actually works
like a consumer though and receives messages on the ActiveMQ.Advisory
topics, I assume they exist? Basically, what is the right way for a
BrokerPlugin to send and receive messages in their implementation

Currently I am actually calling BrokerFilter.getVmConnectorUri() when my
plugin is instantiated, appending "?waitForStart=60000&create=false" to
the URI and then creating a new ActiveMQConnectionFactory from that, and
then creating a consumer and a producer sessions and threads. However
I'm having some trouble with the new VM broker it starts, so I was
hoping there might be a better way.

Mats Henrikson
Software Engineer
SunGard Kiodex

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