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From gonzus <>
Subject Re: Mixing JMS and web apps
Date Sat, 22 Aug 2009 16:51:35 GMT

bsnyder wrote:
> Request/reply is a versatile style of messaging, but there are no
> guarantees about the timeliness of the reply. This is where a
> multi-phased approach would work best when using JMS with HTTP similar to
> [the workflow approach] you describe below.
> [snip]
> This [workflow approach] is a much better approach because it incorporates
> the use of the multi-phased approach I mention above. That is, one phase
> for the HTTP request/reply, another phase for the back end system to
> handle JMS request/reply and another phase for HTTP request/reply.
> Ajax could be used for this type of thing and can work very well and
> provide extremely nice functionality for the user, but it's not a
> requirement.

Ok, so I am not totally misguided here. Do you know of any frameworks or
examples exploring this workflow approach?

bsnyder wrote:
> These are common dilemmas that developers face when developing in an
> environment that contains both synchronous and asynchronous technologies.
> My best recommendation is to take a look at the Enterprise Integration
> Patterns (EIP) book:
> This book provides an excellent collection of messaging-based patterns for
> use when designing applications that make use of messaging/JMS. The
> website provides a good amount of content but the book contains even more.

On its way from Amazon as we speak...

bsnyder wrote:
> On a side note, Apache Camel provides a framework for integration that
> makes implementing the EIP patterns a breeze. Check it out if you're
> interested:

What is exactly the relationship between ActiveMQ and Camel? I see the
ActiveMQ distribution includes Camel. Is is a required or optional part?

Can you point me to a good set of examples, or a real life application,
showing how to use Camel for this (workflow thing) and other requirements?

Wait a minute... I have just realized you are one of the authors of the
(upcoming) ActiveMQ in Action book. Delighted to meet you. I am not going to
badger you with any questions, but please do feel free to share any
information you have about its final availability... ;-)

Thanks and best regards.
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