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From lyall <>
Subject ActiveMQ Brokers using HTTP to communicate
Date Thu, 20 Aug 2009 01:58:09 GMT


I have ActiveMQ 5.1 working just fine using autodiscovery and multicast.

I would like to configure 2 ActiveMQ 5.1 brokers to talk to each other using
HTTP port 80, to make it easy with regards to firewalls. I assume this is
possible, I see talk about client -> Broker using HTTP and have seen posts
on Broker -> Broker using HTTP, but no concrete 'howto', that I have found,
so far.

At this time, each ActiveMQ is running on it's own server, with no other
http server, so port 80 is ok for ActiveMQ to use, although, I would like to
know if I can integrate ActiveMQ into an existing HTTP server (httpd) such
that they communicate with each other via a more complete url, rather than
simply address:port using http.

I figured if I edited activemq.xml and commented out 
  <networkConnector name="default-nc" uri="multicast://default"/>
and replaced it with something like
  <networkConnector name="Broker1 and Broker2"
I might get some joy, but I keep receiving a connection refused.

   WARN  DiscoveryNetworkConnector      - Could not start network bridge
between: vm://this-one and: due to: Connection refused: connect

Is there some other step I should be doing? Maybe a jar from the
lib/optional directory needs to be moved up into the lib directory?

Thanks, in advance.

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