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From Bas Verhoeven <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ 5.2 - Forwarding only a few queues to a remote host
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2009 14:49:12 GMT

Hello Joe,

Thanks for the reply.

Joe Fernandez wrote:
> Try setting dynamicOnly to 'true'. Doing so should preclude the brokers
> from forwarding messages to other brokers that do not have active
> consumers for the target queue. 

Am I supposed to set that setting on both servers or just on 'serverA'? I
currently have it set on serverA only and messages are still forwarded to
the other server. If I look at the queues from serverA's webadmin I also see
that there is 1 consumer connected, so ActiveMQ apparently thinks there is a
connection and has no problem forwarding it. However, the only connections
alive at that point are the ServerA <-> ServerB connections.

It appears that this problem only seems to happen for queues that ServerB is
configured to send back to ServerA. Could this be related?

Basically the configuration *should* be:
- ServerA should _only_ forward messages sent to 'queue.for.server.b' to
- ServerB should _only_ forward messages sent to
'general.replies.<something>' to ServerA

The rest of the queues and topics should stay local, and should not be
forwarded over the network. Ever.

ServerB's config:

	<networkConnector uri="static:(tcp://<snip>:6200)" name="serverA">
			<queue physicalName=">" />
			<topic physicalName=">" />
			<queue physicalName="general.replies.>" />

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