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From Bas Verhoeven <>
Subject ActiveMQ 5.2 - Forwarding only a few queues to a remote host
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2009 13:02:34 GMT


I have been working with both ActiveMQ 5.2 (also tried ActiveMQ
5.3-SNAPSHOT) over the past week. I think I have everything pretty well
configured. I however still have some problems with network connectivity.

First of all, let me explain why I am using a "networked" ActiveMQ setup.

The applications that talk through ActiveMQ are in two physically different
locations (different countries). My idea was to have a queue server at each
end of the connection so that if the connection between the two locations is
unavailable for some reason (e.g. network issues), messages would get queued
up at both sides and forwarded when the connection is up again.

I have been reading the ActiveMQ documentation, and if I understood
correctly what I want is a "store and forward" network. I've followed the
instructions and managed to get the two servers "linked up".

For security purposes however I only want one or two queues to be forwarded
from 'server a' to 'server b'. Luckily that seemed possible, I ended up with
the following configuration, and everything seemed to work okay, until

For some reason when a message is sent to "some.other.queue" and the
consumer at serverA is too slow, the message is still forwarded to serverB
(and removed from serverA - which means that the consumer on serverA never
sees the message, which is a big problem for me at the moment). Even tho I
have told in my configuration that it shouldn't be doing that.

Note that serverB does also send messages to this queue, but it shouldn't be
able to see which messages are already queued up there by non-local
producers, and it certainly shouldn't "hold them hostage".

When I view the other queues in the ActiveMQ webadmin on serverA I also see
that there is one consumer connected (this appears to be the remote AMQ
server) and that there are no messages pending.

Below is the configuration I use on serverA, slightly modified to exclude
sensitive hostnames and queue names:

	<networkConnector uri="static://(tcp://<snip>:6200)" name="serverB">
		<!-- Exclude all destinations by default -->

			<queue physicalName=">" />
			<topic physicalName=">" />

		<!-- Only forward 'queue.for.server.b' to this connection -->

			<queue physicalName="queue.for.server.b" />


Am I doing something wrong here? If I read the documentation correctly I
first exclude all destinations by default, and then only allow one queue to
be forwarded. But apparently that doesn't work.

Any help would be appreciated,

Sincerely yours,
Bas Verhoeven

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