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From Timothy Bish <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ c++ and Java
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2009 14:06:59 GMT
On Fri, 2009-08-28 at 06:53 -0700, moonbird wrote:
> Hi,
> i have a c++ "CMS" Consument implemented with ActiveMQ-CPP library. 
> This Consument listens on a ActiveMQ queue.
> I also have a ActiveMQ Java JMS Client as a "JMS" Producer which sends data
> to the queue.
> My c++ Consument successfully receives the text messages from the queue
> (XML-Text).
> Now I like to send back the modified text message to the Java producer
> (QueueRequestor object)
> I use a c++ call in the consument for getting the producer adress (from the
> Apache ActiveMQ examples):
> destination = const_cast<Destination*>(msg->getCMSReplyTo());
> I send back my new textmessage to this destination - but the java client
> doesnt receive anything :-(
> Could it be, that msg->getCMSReplyTo() doesnt work with received JMS
> Textmessages ?
> If I use Apaches c++ example producer - it works :-/
> If this would be true - how could I send  back data to the java producer ?
> Thx so far

The request / response pattern should work fine between Java and C++
clients.  Could you post the source of you sample C++ and Java apps?

Just a word of advice, you should be calling the clone methods on the
destination returned from getCMSReplyTo() as the pointer being returned
is owned by the Message and if you deleted that message the Desination
instance returned would not be valid any longer.

cms::Destination* destination = msg->getCMSReplyTo()->clone();

What you are doing may be okay, not sure since I can't see it in context
of the rest of the code, but thought I would point out a potential issue
you might run into.


Tim Bish

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