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From Jose Luna <>
Subject Re: Replye-Request pattern performance
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2009 05:36:07 GMT

> We have a pool of generic clients that each is listening to it's own
> temporary queue and all write to a common queue. These connections are
> open at creation time. They remain open until they get evicted by the
> pool manager.
> We have different applications that use this pool, and the size of the
> pool is between 200-500 ,so  we may have 2500 clients connected (each
> one with it's own temporary queue).
> My question is: What is the performance penalty of using temporary
> queues? 
> Should I consider using one single queue for the receiving of the
> messages, and dispatch it using correlation Id?
> Will this improve the performance on my system?
There is definitely a performance penalty for using temporary queues.  There is overhead when
creating/destroying the queues, and in terms of memory usage there is the default stack size
allocated for each thread.  If recommend reading
for some info on how to improve performance with a large number of queues.


> We have our own implementation of a request-reply message.


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