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From Eric-AWL <>
Subject Full Duplex Network of brokers and number of connections questions.
Date Fri, 31 Jul 2009 16:04:26 GMT

Imagine a full Q/R environment, each request (message put on a request queue,
read by the provider of a service) has an answer (message put on an answer
queue, read by the requester).

Imagine a full duplex network of brokers 1 created on "multicast1" group.
They provide "Service1" functionnality, and all expose a transport Connector
with "multicast1" discovery value.

A new broker (broker A) comes up and needs "Service1".So, it knows that it
had to contact some brokers on multicast1 group. It creates a
networkConnector with "multicast1" group value. A full Duplex connection is
created between this server and all servers of the "multicast1" group.
brokerA can send a request and receive an answer from one broker of the
"multicast1" group.

Imagine that this new broker (A), provides "Service2", and belongs itself to
a "multicast2" full duplex group and exposes a transport connector with the
"multicast2" discovery value.

Imagine now, that one broker of the "multicast1" group (broker B) needs
"Service2", so, knows that it had to contact the "multicast2" group and
creates a full duplex networkConnector with "multicast2" group value.

My question is : between broker A, and broker B, how many tcp connections
will be created ? 2, 3, or 4 ?


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