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From couzteau <>
Subject Re: Stuck messages - Dispatch issues
Date Thu, 30 Jul 2009 06:57:26 GMT

Has this been solved yet? I'm seeing it with 5.2.0. 

I'm seeing an issue that occurs on some machines (where machines are
identical regarding OS, Java version and hardware).

Consumers that are on the same machine as the producer usually work fine.

It's a major blocker for us - any comments highly appreciated.

TIA  Jacques

chrajanirao wrote:
> We are seeing issues with ActiveMQ 5.1 and 5.2 RC2 with message
> dispatching from queues. It is easily reproducible even using the out of
> the box activemq configuration. 
> Send messages to the a queue (QueueA) using multiple threads (10 or 20
> thread in a loop of 10) using JMeter or your custom code. Have the
> consumer setup using spring DMLC (DefaultMessageListenerContainer) or with
> regular JMS API sync or async consumption with multiple consumers.
> Consumer part can be configured using Camel to consumer from QueueA and
> put the messages in QueueB within ActiveMQ configuration as well.
> After receiving some messages (the number is different each time), the
> consumers stop receiving any messages even though there are some left on
> the queue. Basically, the broker don't dispatch the messages  and they are
> stuck until restart of the broker. Any new messages sent to the queue
> after this are sometimes dispatched and other times they are stuck too.
> This certainly seems like a major bug in the dispatch mechanism. I have
> found below posts that state the exact problem.
> This is a very basic use case and I wonder how the version 5.1 is
> currently used in production, if anyone is using at all.
> We tried with prefetch limit as 1, asyncDispatch as true and false,
> session transacted as true and false. In all cases, the dispatch problem
> still exists starting after 100 messages until 1000 messages.
> I hope any of the active commiters looks into this issue seriously. Would
> really appreciate the help.
> Thanks,
> Rajani.

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