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From ciAnd7 <>
Subject Re: Q Consumers stop receiving messages
Date Fri, 24 Jul 2009 06:28:39 GMT

We have similar problem with ActiveMQ 5.2 and Spring 2.5.6. I found the issue
in Spring JIRA ,
that seems to be related to this one. May be one of developers takes the
look at it...

Bill Schuller wrote:
> We ran into a similar problem with one of our ActiveMQ implementations. My
> theory was that messages were being paged out of memory and the consumers
> were consuming faster than the dispatch queue could be re-filled. We made
> a
> plethora of changes all at once, but here was the tact I took:
> 1. Faster datastore (switch from journaled JDBC/Derby to AMQ Message
> Store)
> 2. Switch from store-based cursors to file-based cursors (if we were for
> some reason married to the JDBC datastore)
> 3. Increase the size of the dispatch queue, forcing a larger "store fetch"
> (default is 200 msgs): <policyEntry queue=">" maxPageSize="5000"/>
> 4. Increase the heap and memoryUsage limits to allow for more memory
> <memoryUsage limit="3 gb" />
> Since by default AMQ uses store-based cursors for persistent messages and
> only uses a special file-based cursor for non-persistent messages, a slow
> datastore could be your problem. Non-persistent message never hit the
> datastore, so the would not be affected.
> Best of luck, curious if this addresses your problem.
> On 1/30/09 6:02 PM, "Jim Gomes" <> wrote:
>> This seems very similar to a problem we are
>> experiencing with the broker halting dispatch of messages to consumers
>> that
>> are ready and able to receive messages.
> ---
> Bill Schuller, Service Foundations Engineering, Intuit Inc.

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