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From torefj <>
Subject ActiveMQ processes in batches
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2009 06:22:54 GMT


I am noticing some strange behavior from our activeMQ consumer. The producer
is sending messages to activeMQ throughout the day, and the messages seem to
arrive at the broker. However, the consumer is not notified of these

2-3 times a day, the consumer is notified and starts processing all the
previous messages which have built up in the broker. However, the timing of
these batches of processing does not seem to occur at fixed times during the
day. The interval between them vary from 2 hours to 20 hours. Also, the
batches do not contain the same number of messages each time, but around
500-700 in general.

The queue size is showing -1800, but I don't know if that would actually
cause this issue. I've seen some other reports of a bug mentioning negative
queue numbers, but I guess that's just caused by heavy load and duplicate
acknowledgements. It shouldn't really affect future processing, would it?

We are using activeMQ 5.1, and are using a spring
DefaultMessageListenerContainer. The producer is using JMSTemplate. 

The DefaultMessageListenerContainer is using the activeMQ connection pool.
And yes, I now know I shouldn't use the connection pool on the consumer side
but I don't see how that would have caused this issue.

I am wondering if the prefetch mechanism is causing this, as it would cause
the consumer to stop until it has received acknowledgements for all sent
messages, but I don't know why it would take 20 hours to send these

For activeMQ config we are pretty much using the default, except with no

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