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From David Durham <>
Subject Re: inactivity monitor hangs tomcat shutdown
Date Mon, 22 Jun 2009 21:49:13 GMT
>> I've got a simple ActiveMQ client running inside Tomcat.  When I
>> shutdown Tomcat I get an exception from the "Inactivity Monitor Write
>> Check" thread.  My question is has anyone seen this issue and have a
>> fix for it?  I've tried making sure that I call the stop() method on
>> my CamelContext, but I don't see how I would call stop on the
>> Inactivity Monitor Read and Write threads.
> Here's a stack trace:

Actually, maybe this isn't the cause of the hang.  It's an assumption
on my part, because I see this error message and the server hangs.
Now I'm thinking that the Tomcat hangage could be caused by the fact
that there are still non-daemon threads running.  There's a couple of
Active MQ transport threads and a couple of
DefaultMessageListenerContainer running.  Anyone have experience with
using ActiveMQ/Camel and Spring under Tomcat?  I'd really prefer to
not have to 'kill -9' tomcat.


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