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From Andreas Gies <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ As Synchronization Tool
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2009 18:36:38 GMT
Hi there,

you could achieve that with a network of brokers in ActiveMQ.  
Depending on how many
messages ech client sends to the data center, you can consider a "fan- 
in" architecture,
using one layer of brokers as concentrators so to speak.


On Jun 3, 2009, at 1:17 PM, Carlo Camerino wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I was just wondering if  any of you have used ActiveMQ as a  
> synchronization
> tool.
> Our scenario is like this,
> we have transactions ongoing at different remote servers, however  
> some of
> those transactions need to arrive to the central server.
> In short we have several slaves in different locations in the  
> network and
> data coming from the slaves must be pushed  back to the master server.
> Most of the data that we wish to replicate is data changes in the  
> database.
> One of our options is replication but another option that I would  
> like to
> look
> at is through the use of messaging via ActiveMQ.
> What we want to push to the central server are more less records  
> that are
> done in the slave servers.
> Is this possible through the use of activemq?
> There would be brokers on each location.
> Looking at other applications, I'm not sure how they implement it.  
> The other
> applications that I'm familiar of that ha this is moin and dokuwiki.  
> the
> have synchronization support
> but they are synchronizing files. I don't want to synchronize files  
> but I
> want to send messages.
> Also would activemq be able to handle it if theere were around 200-500
> slaves sending messages to the master queue?
> Thanks

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