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From Arjen van der Meijden <>
Subject Re: Consumers newer than messages don't receive messages from queues
Date Mon, 08 Jun 2009 18:18:06 GMT
On 8-6-2009 16:25 Aleksandar Ivanisevic wrote:
> Arjen van der Meijden
> <> writes:
>> As soon as those second-queue-consumers exit however, they don't
>> consume much messages. Most of the time it seems that only one is
>> actually doing any work and the other three are idle, even if the
>> queue has more than 100 messages. The same holds for the
>> third-queue-consumers.
> How sure are you that you are not subscribing exclusively?

Well, since you need to do (and/or configure) that explicitly. Very 
sure. But as said in my follow-up mail, it seems to have been the 

Best regards,


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