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From Robert Schultz <>
Subject connection.createSession hangs up
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2009 23:58:43 GMT

So I have an ActiveMQ server working just great. I can connect to it via
python and send and receive messages over topics, no problems.

But now I'm trying to create a Java program that will consume messages.
Whenever it gets to connection.createSession the program hangs up forever.

The code:
ActiveMQConnectionFactory connectionFactory = new

Connection connection = connectionFactory.createConnection();
Session session = connection.createSession(false,

I've tried several different things including specific topicConnections,
None of them work, once it hits createSession it hangs forever.

If I pause the running process here is the stack trace:
Unsafe.park(boolean, long) line: not available [native method] [local
variables unavailable]	
LockSupport.park(Object) line: 158	
AbstractQueuedSynchronizer$ConditionObject.await() line: 1925	
ArrayBlockingQueue<E>.take() line: 317	
FutureResponse.getResult() line: 40	
ResponseCorrelator.request(Object) line: 80	
ActiveMQConnection.syncSendPacket(Command) line: 1233	
ActiveMQConnection.ensureConnectionInfoSent() line: 1339	
ActiveMQConnection.createSession(boolean, int) line: 298	

The active MQ thread has:
SocketInputStream.socketRead0(FileDescriptor, byte[], int, int, int) line:
not available [native method][], int, int) line: 129	
TcpBufferedInputStream.fill() line: 50 line: 58	
DataInputStream.readByte() line: 248	
StompWireFormat.readLine(DataInput, int, String) line: 186	
StompWireFormat.unmarshal(DataInput) line: 94	
TcpTransport.readCommand() line: 210	
TcpTransport.doRun() line: 202 line: 185 line: 619 [local variables unavailable]	

Anyone have any ideas on what I can do?

I'm running Stomp 5.2.0 on a Linux machine with Java 1.6

I'd appreciate any and all help/advice/tips!
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