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From Ricardo Clemente <>
Subject C integration with openwire
Date Fri, 15 May 2009 19:51:52 GMT

I'm working on a module to consume all Nagios events and publish then
to activemq ( I would be glad to share this as soon as I complete it).
The module is written in C and my first idea was to use Openwire C
client. The motivation over other options as the rest interface, is
that the number of events per second is really high and a protocol
with persistent connection seems the best option.

Unfortunately, I was not able to build the libopenwire, finding the
same issue as in this thread
I also found a post from Chirino that the focus was on the C++ client
which let me a little concerned about using the C implementation.

So my questions are: should I use the C libopenwire? Is this library
considered ready for a live environment? And is there any working
build process for linux?

Any one can direct me to the best C activemq integration option? Is
XMPP or STOMP better options with also good performance?


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