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From Arjen van der Meijden <>
Subject Re: too many open files
Date Mon, 11 May 2009 07:54:54 GMT
Well, that is really mostly the default config with some small differences.

- I completely commented out the "destinationPolicy"-tag. This also 
disables the per-queue/topic size limits.
- I upped the memoryUsage to 200 mb, the storeUsage to 1 gb and the 
tempUsage to 1 gb.
- I changed the connector uri's (for stomp and openwire) to contain 

These settings aren't really well thought through and only aimed at our 
very high connect/send/disconnect rate, they're just changes that should 
disable or enlarge some of the limitations I was running in to.

And as you could see from the issue-report, I used a different JAVA_OPTS 
to allow for some larger heap and such.

Best regards,


On 11-5-2009 9:29, DataMover wrote:
> I looked at that issue url you gave and wow, had a lot of great info.
> Any chance one could get a copy of the configuration xml file you created
> that solved the issue for you.
> Just to get some ideas.
> I had upped the memory limits via the etc security limit file and that at
> least seemed to increase the load and slow the system down. Have not tried
> it again after that.
> As far as upping the queue sizes, is there a limit?
> Are there best practices anywhere?
> Arjen van der Meijden wrote:
>> There may be at one or more of these three issues that I ran into:
>> - You actually have a too low setting for the open files. Try increasing 
>> it (see man ulimit etc, be careful that normally only root can increase 
>> it beyond 1024, but other programs, including su do inherit it).
>> - You're opening and closing connections too fast, this is what we had:
>> Adding the "?transport.closeAsync=false"-parameter to the url helped us 
>> here.
>> - You're queues may be getting larger than the limits. Especially the 
>> 5mb per queue limit in the default configuration is easy to hit. Once I 
>> raised the global limits and removed the per-queue/topic limits it has 
>> worked stable for several months in a row (since feb 19 our single 
>> broker has queued and dequeued over 300M tiny messages).
>> 30 and 250 producers isn't that many, so unless they're maxing out your 
>> broker system on some other resource than file pointers, my guess is the 
>> single machine should be able to handle them.
>> Best regards,
>> Arjen
>> On 10-5-2009 22:03 DataMover wrote:
>>> I have seems several posts on this but I have not been able to solve our
>>> situation.
>>> We have 30 clients (producers) working with one activemq server.
>>> All worked amazingly well.
>>> Then we tried a test with around 250 clients.
>>> That would get many transport errors.
>>> Increasing the file limits on the os caused the system to come to a crawl
>>> with no benefit.
>>> I am assuming the problem can be solved with multiple brokers being run.
>>> One question is do they have to be on different machines, or can we have
>>> multiple activemqs running on the same server, each listening on a
>>> different
>>> ip?

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