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From Arjen van der Meijden <>
Subject Re: too many open files
Date Mon, 11 May 2009 05:51:46 GMT
There may be at one or more of these three issues that I ran into:

- You actually have a too low setting for the open files. Try increasing 
it (see man ulimit etc, be careful that normally only root can increase 
it beyond 1024, but other programs, including su do inherit it).

- You're opening and closing connections too fast, this is what we had:
Adding the "?transport.closeAsync=false"-parameter to the url helped us 

- You're queues may be getting larger than the limits. Especially the 
5mb per queue limit in the default configuration is easy to hit. Once I 
raised the global limits and removed the per-queue/topic limits it has 
worked stable for several months in a row (since feb 19 our single 
broker has queued and dequeued over 300M tiny messages).

30 and 250 producers isn't that many, so unless they're maxing out your 
broker system on some other resource than file pointers, my guess is the 
single machine should be able to handle them.

Best regards,


On 10-5-2009 22:03 DataMover wrote:
> I have seems several posts on this but I have not been able to solve our
> situation.
> We have 30 clients (producers) working with one activemq server.
> All worked amazingly well.
> Then we tried a test with around 250 clients.
> That would get many transport errors.
> Increasing the file limits on the os caused the system to come to a crawl
> with no benefit.
> I am assuming the problem can be solved with multiple brokers being run.
> One question is do they have to be on different machines, or can we have
> multiple activemqs running on the same server, each listening on a different
> ip?

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