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From Roland Thomas Lichti <>
Subject Sizing of a network of brokers
Date Wed, 06 May 2009 11:38:18 GMT

we are currently running ActiveMQ 5.2.0 (using Sun Java 1.5) on

2 x Sun Fire V245 with 2 CPU (Ultra SPARC IIIi 1,5 GHz) and 8 GB ram

as "network" of brokers. Everything works fine and is ok.

Now I got the question, if our JMS system can cope with the following load:

616 Messages/s (size differs, but will be between a few bytes to 200 kb
per message, averaging about 28 kb per message), that makes about 28
MBit/s data. On bursts up to 1900 messages/s will be produces (same
sizes as above).

I'm now checking for test hardware to check the maximum throughput
myself, but since that will take a few days and I need a housenumber
what servers I will need to fullfill that request very fast, I though
that perhaps someone on the list may help me.

For the setup:
I thought about setting up a network of brokers with local storage each.
How ActiveMQ is affected by switching to Java 1.6?

And because I was asked for a housenumber on the spot I told them 20
intel based machines (normally we use HP DL-365 with dual Xeon Quad
Core) would be sufficient for the burst load. If I can go down with my
estimation, that would be appreciated by our project managers very much :-).


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