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From setitesuk <>
Subject Durable Subscriber to topic loses connection
Date Thu, 28 May 2009 13:51:33 GMT


I am new to message queues, and have hit a problem, which I cannot seem to
find an answer to either here or on the ActiveMQ website.

I am using v5.2 and Net::Stomp through CPAN.

I have a durable subscriber to a topic, which loses his connection (Not
Cleanly disconnecting first - i.e. process crash), and so is just in a limbo

When this subscriber attempts to reconnect to the server, I get an error
message (after plenty of coding to actually fish this out)

message:Broker: localhost - Client: joe_subscriber already connected from

and a large amount of error garble

Whilst I need an alert to inform me of a potential process spinning off to
form SkyNet, I want to be able to ensure that joe_subscriber can just
reconnect and poll the topic again, as my system needs to be resilient
enough to enable this.

The only way I can manage to do this at the moment is either to delete the
subscriber through the web interface (not possible as I can't watch the
process 24/7 and this loses messages), or by shutting down and restarting
the server (again, something that we can't just keep doing whenever we need
to 24/7).

So, via the API (through Net::Stomp) is there a way having caught the above
error, I can disconnect the subscriber (even if it is as some admin user),
or, will ActiveMQ autodisconnect any client which is connected, but hasn't
done anything for some time period (and what is the time period).

Thanks for any help.

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