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From Joe Fernandez <>
Subject Problem With Producer Flow Control?
Date Wed, 27 May 2009 15:22:16 GMT

I am running some exception tests against AMQ 5.2 that force producer
flow-control to occur and have a question regarding sessions and flow
control. Here's my set up.  

Te test app, which is using an 'embedded' broker, has an object (Ob1) that
implements MessageListener. Ob1 creates two AMQ connections (con1, con2), a
session (s1) from con1, a session (s2) from con2, a producer (p1) from s1
and a consumer (c2) from s2. The c2 consumer is assigned Ob1's onMessage()
method via c2.setMessageListener(this). The onMessage() method has a built
in delay to simulate a slow consumer. The ack mode is set to
AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE. The producer and consumer are producing to and consuming
from the same destination, respectively. The message that is produced by p1
is a relatively small text message; maybe 30 characters in length. 

When the test starts, p1 floods the queue with messages and producer flow
control kicks in, at which point p1 gets blocked. However, the calls to the
onMessage method also stop so the test hangs.  Given that p1 and c2 are
operating within their own separate connections and sessions, shouldn't the
AMQ client code continue to call the onMessage method with messages even
when p1 gets placed in flow control mode?

Side note: if I place con2, s2, and c2 in a separate thread object, then the
test runs just fine. That is, the p1 producer goes in and out of flow
control as c2's onMessage continues to get called. 


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