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From mvhoof <>
Subject Re: C# / .net - getting started
Date Wed, 27 May 2009 07:49:24 GMT


I encountered simular issues when getting started with ActiveMQ.NMS..
However, if you search a bit, there is some good info about it on the web. I
would recommend RE.mark's blog which has some very good and very hands on
articles on how to work with NMS.

I do agree however that some stuff is poorly documented (or the
documentation is just very had to find) which slows development and probably
will make a lot of people just give up all together :(

Too bad cause ActiveMQ is a very goood product and the NMS API get's the job
done, even if it is not always very clear on how to do it

cmarcel wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> Thanks for the quick reply.  The changes you made really helped me out a
> lot.  
> For others getting started like me, here are a few other things that
> helped me out:
> - ActiveMQ is a JMS implementation, so a good starting point is any
> documentation on JMS.  This should help understand how all the NMS / JMS
> entities work together (connection, session, destination, etc.), in
> addition to covering all the message types (MapMessage vs. TextMessage vs.
> ...) & other things.  Once you get a grip on all that stuff (from a java
> standpoint, or whatever), you are in good shape to start coding NMS in C#.
> - In order for the code on the getting started page to work:
>      - You need to have the 'nmsprovider-activemq.config' file present
> wherever your exe is (add it to your project and change its solution
> properties so it gets copied to the output directory).  You can find
> copies of this file in the activemq NMS source code
>      - Assuming you are running activemq on the local machine, change the
> connecturi from 'activemq:tcp://activemqhost:61616' to
> '...//localhost:61616'.
> Best,
> Christophe
> semog wrote:
>> Thanks for the heads up on the web-page problems.  I updated the NMS
>> Getting Started page and restored the sample code and made sure it was up
>> to date.  It may take a day or so for the update to be propagated,
>> though.  Try refreshing the page later today, or possibly by tomorrow.  I
>> don't know what the regeneration schedule is for the website.
>> Best,
>> Jim

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