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From semog <>
Subject Re: C# / .net - getting started
Date Thu, 21 May 2009 22:52:58 GMT

Thanks for the heads up on the web-page problems.  I updated the NMS Getting
Started page and restored the sample code and made sure it was up to date. 
It may take a day or so for the update to be propagated, though.  Try
refreshing the page later today, or possibly by tomorrow.  I don't know what
the regeneration schedule is for the website.


cmarcel wrote:
> Hello,
> I've spent days trying to figure out how to do the most basic operation
> with ActiveMQ from C# (ex.: consume / produce messages on a queue on
> localhost, network protocol = anything that works) and can't find ANY
> documentation:
> - the getting started docs are pointing to source files that don't exist:
> - the other samples mentioned in are all
> built on top of Spring.Net.  In addition, the simplest of the Spring.Net
> examples did not work for me (it probably worked in 2007 when it was first
> written)
> - googling for code samples was no help (nor was searching in this forum,
> although the search in the forum is so slow and limited that I did not
> search as much as I might have otherwise)
> - running 'nant doc' failed to create any documentation for me (I get an
> 'object reference not set' exception)
> - I looked at all the unit tests and they seem to make mainly atomic tests
> - I definitively could not find anything off of which to base my own code
> - the api documentation (
> doesn't seem to cover apache.nms.activemq - it only documents apache.nms,
> which is really pretty useless
> -------------------------------------
> Anyhow, for those who, like me, are trying to get started, here are a few
> things you might want to be aware of:
> - build using nant 'beta 2': one of the readme's mentions that nms
> requires the Beta 2 version of 0.86 nant (currently it's at beta 1 on the
> nant site, so you have to get it from the nightly builds).  If you install
> the stable version of nant, the build from within visual studio will fail
> as well, due to nant pre- and post-build event commands that fail from
> within VS2008 as well.
> - the connection strings / configuration for nms is, as far as I can tell,
> undocumented, so it's hard to say what exactly is required to get things
> to run.  From single stepping through code, I found that it expects to
> find config files with specific names such as 'nmsprovider-tcp.config' or
> 'nmsprovider-activemq.config'.  You will find some sample config files in
> the source code.
> -------------------------------------
> Overall though, with so little documentation and no sample code anywhere,
> I really don't see how anyone could get this stuff to work...  I'm
> thinking of maybe using Spring.Net on top of NMS, but on the one hand I
> don't want / need Spring.Net and more importantly, I just want to do
> something really simple, something that shouldn't require setting up a
> large dependency injection framework to accomplish.
> If anyone could find the missing 'TestMain.cs' file that is supposed to be
> on the getting started page, or if someone could provide a link or any
> sample code, that would be great :)
> Thanks,
> Christophe

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