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From bgi <>
Subject Integrating Apache ActiveMQ with JBoss and XA Transactions
Date Mon, 18 May 2009 12:26:53 GMT

Which version of ActiveMQ am I using?

  ActiveMQ 5.2.0

Details of my environment

  # OS: Windows XP SP3 32bit
  # JVM: SUN JDK 1.6.0_13
  # Application Server: JBoss 5.0.1
  # Other: Mule 2.2.1


Dear all,

I'm trying to integrate ActiveMQ with JBoss using the JCA Resource Adapter
of ActiveMQ as explained here
Through Mule, I'm reading jms message from an inbound queue and move it
right away to an outbound queue. 
The all process participates in a XA transaction.

Attached, you will find all my configuration files :

  # ra.xml (within activemq-rar.rar), ra.xml .
  # broker-config.xml (within activemq-rar.rar), broker-config.xml .
  # activemq-jms-ds.xml (deployed datasource), activemq-jms-ds.xml
  # mule-config.xml (deployed webapp), mule-config.xml .

Unfortunately I always have the following exception at JBoss startup when my
mule webapp is starting:

14:10:41,050 ERROR [XaTransaction] Bound resource ManagedSessionProxy {
ActiveMQSession {id=ID:dvbx13-1969-1242648633081
-2:0:3,started=true} } is neither a MuleXaObject nor XAResource

Please see file attached for full JBoss log file, jboss.log .

It happens when Mule is trying to obtain the XAResource from ActiveMQSession
through the JCA Resource Adapter. 
Is the ActiveMQ JCA Resource Adapter XA compliant ?!?!? :confused:

I've read that it should be XA compliant so maybe I'm missing something in
one of my config files. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated
because I'm not able to find any information using Google or any ActiveMQ
forums. :,(

Thanks for your help,

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