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From lyall <>
Subject Re: Durable Subscriber and unclean disconnection
Date Mon, 18 May 2009 09:32:35 GMT

Thank you Gary.

I had found another post regarding this same 'disconnected durable
subscriber' issue.
Simply saying 'BPEL should correctly disconnect', does not help if the BPEL
server should happen to fail - power, hardware, network disconnect, etc. The
new connection needs to replace the old, if it can be shown that the old is
dead. I have no idea if this is possible.

Regarding the 'connecting to itself', I will attempt to obtain more info,
maybe the Snapshot version, once I get the wildcard setting done, does not
have the problems with regard to durable subscribers. It's entirely possible
my bumbling attempts at configuration introduced the problem itself. I will
have another crack and get back.


Gary Tully wrote:
> seems like a bpel process un/re-deployment logic should be doing an
> unsubscribe to remove the durable subscription.
> Failing this, an activemq feature where a configuration option on a
> durable
> subscriber could specify an inactivityTimeout after which time an inactive
> durable subscription would expire could help here. No such feature exists
> at
> the moment though.
> On localhost listens and multiple interfaces with the 5.3-SNAPSHOT, some
> details can be found in the AMQ-2094 jira issue
> <>for that change of
> behavior. To listen on all interfaces (the old behaviour) you need to
> specify the wildcard address.
>  Could you comment on that issue with your feedback w.r.t connections to
> its
> self so we can get to the bottom of it? thanks.
> 2009/5/18 lyall <>
>> I am using ActiveMQ 5.2.0 on Windows 2003 Server.
>> Out of the box config.
>> If a client to a topic disconnects, due to failure, or in my case,
>> re-deployment of a BPEL process, it cannot re-connect as ActiveMQ says
>> that
>> it is still connected.
>> I tried 5.3.snapshot (as at 18-May-2009) but that bought a whole slew of
>> new
>> problems, including which interfaces it listens on and trying to
>> establish
>> connections with itself if I attempt to force particular interfaces - at
>> least 5.2.0 works, except for this reconnection point.
>> How can I work around this? Can I?
>> ...Lyall
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