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From volante <>
Subject Re: Stomp transactions
Date Sun, 03 May 2009 11:51:49 GMT

Further to this,  it appears that if I restart activemq, new stomp clients
will then receive the messages as expected (they are persistent messages). 
If I send an ABORT before disconnecting the stomp connection, everything
works as expected and no restart is required.  It looks like when I close
the TCP connection mid-transaction, the message remains locked.  Is this a
bug or is there a configurable timeout?

volante wrote:
> I'm a bit confused about some behaviour I'm seeing when doing transactions
> with stomp.
> First my producer puts 3 messages into MyQueue: MSG1, MSG2, MSG3
> Then I start up my stomp consumer which does this:
> - CONNECT (ack = client)
> - BEGIN tx1
> - <reads a message> message-id: MSG1
> - ACK message-id: MSG1
> At this point, the message appears to be dequeued when I look at the queue
> via the admin web interface (that seems correct as it is locked by the
> transaction?).
> Now, I kill my stomp client process, so the TCP connection is closed,
> mid-transaction.
> The message now re-appears in the queue when looking at the admin web
> interface (makes sense to me..)
> Now the strange behavior is, when I re-run my stomp client, and do the
> same series of steps, I now receive MSG2.  If I kill repeat the process I
> will then receive MSG3 and then finally it will block with no messages to
> receive.
> I would have thought that since the transaction never finished and my TCP
> connection was terminated, the ACK should have been rolled back and my
> next client that connects should receive a retransmission of MSG1.
> Can anyone explain what is going on here?
> Thanks

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