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From Jared Dunne <>
Subject ActiveMQ 5.2 versus Sonic MQ 7.6
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 23:52:42 GMT
Since joining this mailing list (and subsequently snooping around in
JIRA) during my evaluation of ActiveMQ 5.2, I've seen a lot of
concerning messages about both new and known issues around stability
and reliability in ActiveMQ.  Namely, I'm concerned about broker
downtime/halts, out of memory, failover/HA issues, and filehandle
leaks.  My initial reaction was of disappointment, however now I'm
wondering if commercial vendors (SonicMQ specifially) might have just
as many known/new issues, but it's just that ActiveMQ's dirty laundry
is more transparently aired in public view due to being an open source
community based project.

I would be curious to hear ActiveMQ (and moreover FUSE) developers'
opinions on how they see ActiveMQ's stability and reliability to
commercial vendors, especially Sonic MQ 6.x or 7.x.

I'm mostly interested in comparing the community version to Sonic
brokers, but I would be curious where FUSE releases might fit in that
spectrum too.  Also, as a side, can someone explain why there is FUSE if ActiveMQ 5.3 is not yet released?  Additionally jsut more
understanding what value-add FUSE brings to the releases themselves
(aside from support, etc) and what the relationship between the FUSE
and community codelines are would be useful.


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