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From Jared Dunne <>
Subject Can Slave specify multiple URIs for same Master? w/ Multiple NICs
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2009 19:12:45 GMT
I am trying to determine the ideal hardware to run my ActiveMQ 5.2
Pure Master/Slave brokers on.  I am currently deciding between
hardware with 2 NICs versus 4 NICs.  I am curious if ActiveMQ features
currently support multiple replication connections between Master and
Slave or alternatively failover on the replication connection.

It seems like you can make the masterConnectorURI something like this:
and the Slave broker will sucessfully establish a connection to the
Master, even when the first URI listed is not routable/addressable,
but I dont see any documentation that describes this behaviour.  So I
am not sure how this works or even if it is expected to work..

If it's not clear from my questions above, I am trying to determine if
I can take advantage of hardware with 4 NICs each to use 3 of the NICs
for Master->Slave replication connections (across networking equipment
creating private networks between master/Slave), and use the 4th NIC
for normal JMS/Stomp Client connections.


PS: Sorry if this is a repost on Nabble. I tried posting via Nabble at
first but it would not successfully publish to mailing list and then
my Nabble account vanished.

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