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From yesnid <>
Subject Re: Queue PolicyEntry Eviction Not working
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2009 00:17:55 GMT

So would a non zero TTL be required for the eviction to work?

Thank you.

jbekas wrote:
> yesnid wrote:
>> I have tried this with a TTL of 0 essentially infinite for the message
>> and for non-zero values, but neither yielded any results for me. Also My
>> queue that I am trying to evict from has no consumer on it, does that
>> make a difference, I am beginning to suspect from other posts that it is? 
>> Could you post a configuration that has worked and I could try this and
>> see if I get better results with eviction?
> You do not need a consumer to expire the messages.  However, the messages
> will just sit there (expired) unless some activity occurs on your queue to
> tell ActiveMQ to purge the old messages.  For testing purposes, I wrote a
> slow consumer (1 message per second) which allows me to rapidly send
> messages with a short TTL and be able to watch them expire.
> The sample configuration you posted is probably working, but the messages
> are sticking around in your queue.  You can try to set an attribute on
> your oldestMessageEvictionStrategy parameter, it's called
> evictExpiredMessagesHighWatermark.  This gives ActiveMQ the hint that it
> should purge expired messages after a set threshold of expired messages
> has been met, in this case, 1000.  Without this set, your messages will
> likely stick around until ActiveMQ decides that it needs to free up space
> on your queue for incoming messages.
>                       <messageEvictionStrategy>
>                         <oldestMessageEvictionStrategy
> evictExpiredMessagesHighWatermark="1000" />
>                       </messageEvictionStrategy>
> In my test, my slow consumer processes 1 message a second.  So, if I send
> 1500 messages with a TTL of 1000ms, the consumer should process 1-2
> messages, ActiveMQ will expire the rest, and somewhere between 1000-1500
> messages will be immediately removed from the queue and placed on the
> ActiveMQ.DLQ (the default DeadLetterQueue).  Note, some expired messages
> will probably remain on the queue until the high watermark is hit again or
> ActiveMQ inspects them and decides to remove them.
> I hope that helps.

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