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From "clayton.bluhm" <>
Subject Work around for Older Version of ActiveMQ
Date Fri, 10 Apr 2009 13:45:28 GMT

I am kind of in a bind.  We are using ActiveMQ CPP version 2.1.3 in one of
our programs (running on Windows XP) and 4.1.1 Server on the Solaris side. 
When I setup a consumer on the client side and begin receiving data I find
that the consumer will ingest 1000 messages before we simply stop receiving
messages (I call receive() on my consumer and it never returns).  The server
doesn't show anything really wrong (that I can tell) but if I shut my
program down and open it back up it doesn't connect (the server is humped). 
Once I restart the server it will run up to 1000 messages again before the
process repeats.  I confirmed this version of ActiveMQ-CPP library has the
same behavior (on the Windows side at least) against a 4.1.1 server and a
5.2 server.  I upgraded to the newest ActiveMQ-CPP (2.2.5) and was able to
get over 1000 messages with a 5.2 server (although 2.2.5 has other issues
that I found that stop
me from simply going to this version and upgrading the server).  I could not
connect the latest 2.2.5 ActiveMQ-CPP library to the 4.1.1 server.  The
other problem is that our fielded version of stuff has a 4.1.1 server.  It
would be a pain at this point to upgrade on the server side (more a
bureaucratic problem then technical).  Is there any sort of work around for
the 1000 message problem in 2.1.3?  Something I can fix in code or possibly
a configure option that I can set on the server side?

Sorry I know the smart choice here to is wait for 2.2.5 to get fixed and
upgrade everything, but I am kind of in a bind to get this out quickly.

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