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From MassDosage <>
Subject Options for preferring stability over reliability
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2009 17:39:59 GMT

We are using ActiveMQ quite extensively at and are experiencing a
number of issues related to the huge load we are putting on it (at peak
times up to thousands of messages per second). We are using it in a number
of different scenarios but our general use case is that we would much rather
lose hundreds of messages than have deadlocks, out of memory errors and

We have turned off producer flow control, set persistence to false, are
using async send, short expiry times on messages etc. Even with this setup
we still regularly (several times per week) run into instances where
ActiveMQ completely fails us - ranging from Out of Memory Exceptions in the
server to blocked Senders to the entire system locking up/freezing with
nothing useful in the log files. These situations force us to restart the
ActiveMQ server regularly and have brought the affected part of our service
to their knees. Ideally this would never happen and in times of heavy load
Senders would not block but instead would drop messages and the server would
do the same instead of running out of memory. Are we missing some
configuration/API options we can use to ensure this behaviour? Does anyone
have any suggestions? I am happy to post our activemq.xml and code samples
if necessary.

I can understand that many of your use cases require reliability and that
you have built much of the system to ensure as few messages get dropped as
possible but we really want the opposite - a system that never goes down or
causes deadlocks and we are willing to lose as many messages as it takes to
allow for this. 

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