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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ JNDI support only for testing?
Date Tue, 17 Mar 2009 10:52:27 GMT
2009/2/10 janylj <>:
> Hello,
> I tried ActiveMQ JNDI support. It seems to me only for testing, because the
> administrative objects are specified in the of client
> machine. There is no centralized place to manage the ConnectionFactory or
> Destination. And we could not control who could access them.
> Is my understanding correct or I miss something? Thank you very much.

You can use any JNDI provider you want. If you really want to store
the topic and queue objects in some remote JNDI server go right ahead,
noone is stopping you.

However the ActiveMQ JNDI provider is intended to avoid dependency on
some remote JNDI server and so by *design* it uses a local client side
configuration. This is perfectly fine for production use too :)

Another approach is using Spring to avoid depending on a remote,
distributed JNDI provider. But if you really wanna use a distributed
JNDI provider just pick one you want and put the ActiveMQ administered
objects (queues, topics and connection factories) in there. Pretty
much all J2EE containers come with some remote JNDI server


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