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From Richard Langly <>
Subject disable persistence, and help w/ missing messages
Date Fri, 27 Mar 2009 03:38:29 GMT

I have just a few questions ...

I'm running activemq 5.1.0 and would like to know how to turn off
persistence. I downloaded the activemq binaries, decompressed them in
my home dir, and started them via './bin/activemq > a.log &'. I looked
at the default xml file in the ./conf dir, but saw no element that
allowed me to set persistent=false as shown here ...

I use stomp within a very simple of simplest python script to write
messages to my queues and I'm also trying to find why some of my
messages seem to be not making it onto the queue. It's like some
messages are being lost.

Also, when a message is sent to a queue, at what point is it removed
from the queue? If multiple clients are subscribed to /queue/test, how
is the message removed knowing that all clients have it before
removing it.

Any help much appreciated.

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