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From Rob Davies <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ 5.2 - broker stops sending messages
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2009 20:20:31 GMT
This looks similar to a known issue - AMQ-2009  - can you try the  
latest 5.3 snaphot ?



Rob Davies

On 23 Mar 2009, at 19:53, Ron Reynolds wrote:

> i know it's a vague subject line and i'm almost certain it's been  
> asked before but i'm under a tight deadline on a near-production  
> system and i need help.  the situation is this:
> - single broker (5.2) with only 4 queues (not topics)
> - default broker config with prefetchPolicy.queuePrefetch=0 added to  
> broker's connection pool brokerURL attribute
> - single client using failover URL (in anticipation of a second  
> broker once the system is stable)
> - client using Spring-JMS.
> - client-ack, small messages, 7-second retry on the client, using  
> PooledConnectionFactory wrapped around ActiveMQConnectionFactory
> - no transaction management added.
> - both client and server are Linux (CentOS 5.x i think) w/ Sun JVM  
> 1.5.0_11.
> the situation is that the system, after running well for an hour or  
> more (typically not more than 24) it will suddenly stop sending  
> notification to the client of new messages in one of the queues  
> (need for it to repro to test if it happens for other queues).  a  
> QueueBrowser shows the messages just fine, but a receiveMessages()  
> with null selection criteria times out before any messages are  
> returned.  i'm able to insert new messages into the queue but the  
> client still gets no notification.
> another developer is currently looking at OpenMQ or other JMS  
> implementations to avoid this issue but it has to be a config issue,  
> yes?

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